What is an allergy? Inexpensive allergy treatments

What is an allergy? Inexpensive allergy treatments

Let’s define the allergy not from a scientific point of view, but from the point of view of an ordinary man in the street. So, an allergy is a non-standard reaction of an organism (immunity) to external factors. The most severe symptoms occur when the allergen enters the blood: food, drink, medicine, insect bite.

Before offering you a generic allergy medication, let’s talk about the symptoms of an allergy and what emergency measures to take.

Symptoms of an allergy

The organism usually reacts to allergies with runny nose and sneezing, hoarseness of voice, itching, rash, but there can be more serious reactions:

• Puffiness of a separate part of the body, total;

• Labored breathing;

• Barking cough;

• Faintness;

• Consciousness disorder;

• Quincke’s Edema;

• Anaphylactic shock.

What should I do with the first symptoms of an allergy?

If you find out which allergen triggered the reaction, you must completely exclude contact with it.

1. In the event that the allergen has already got into the digestive system, it is necessary to do a gastric lavage.

2. With nasal congestion, you must apply a drop or spray. They will remove swelling, stop sneezing, and remove sensitivity.


You can buy allergy medication online from nasal congestion in our pharmacy at a significant discount, for example Rhinocort Aqua Bud Nasal, but be sure to check with your doctor. In each case, the drug is selected individually.

3. An anti-allergic ointment can be applied to the site of a bite or swelling, itching, redness, and rash.

4. It is also necessary to take an antiallergenic medication of general effect.

Often the doctor prescribes such drugs as Claritin Loratadine – generic allergy medication, which you can order in our pharmacy at an affordable price. But in each individual case it is necessary to consult with your personal doctor.

5. It is also possible to administer hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.

6. In case of impaired consciousness and shortness of breath, the patient should not drink liquid

7. When dizziness symptoms, it is necessary to lie on a flat surface and raise your legs

8. If breathing is very difficult or anaphylactic shock occurs, before admission of an ambulance in an emergency, adrenaline can be administered in a dosage of 0.5 ml.

Inexpensive allergy treatments

With a single manifestation of allergy, you can apply generic allergy medication, for example Claritin loratadine or Clarinex Azomyr Desloratadine for signs of food fever. In our pharmacy you can buy allergy medication online at very low prices.

If the allergy manifests itself very often and has already developed into a chronic form, it is necessary to take a blood test for allergens. After identifying the causes of an allergic reaction, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment. One method can be the introduction of small doses of an allergen for a long time. Thus, immunity gets used to an allergen and does not identify it as a foreign substance. Such treatment is not suitable for everyone, so a doctor’s consultation is necessary.


In our online pharmacy, you can pick up inexpensive allergy treatments without doctor’s appointment, if the drug has already been prescribed to you and its effectiveness has been revealed. You can find detailed information about all antihistamines in the section “Allergy“.

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