How to determine the excess weight

How to determine the excess weight

Before you buy weight loss supplements online or offline you need to be sure that you are really overweight.

Surely you already know how to determine the body mass index. But if you forgot, we will recall this simple formula: BMI = weight (kg): (height (m)) 2, that is, for example your weight is 60 kg, and height 1.85 m, then 60: (1.68 x 1.68). In this case, the BMI is approximately 21. So, you have determined the body mass index, and now look at the table:

18.5 – 24.9 – normal weight, keep it at the same level with proper nutrition

25-29.9 – overweight, you should include physical activity in your image and pay attention to your diet

More than 30 – obesity, the cause can be endocrine diseases, and an improper diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is necessary to reduce the daily intake of calories, exercise, connect medications, biological supplements, possibly drugs to reduce cholesterol. To do this, you need to identify the cause of obesity and consult your doctor about taking medications that will suit you.

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Facts about excess weight that you did not know about

Of course, if your doctor already prescribes weight loss supplements and they are suit, then you can buy the medicine online without a prescription. We will take care of the fast delivery to your home. But if you have not yet consulted a doctor and have not identified the cause of your excess weight, then you will be interested in the fact that obesity is affected not only by a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition, but also:

1. Sleep disturbance

A short sleep inhibits the production of the leptin hormone, which signals the body of a sense of satiety.

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2. Skipping meals

A prolonged sense of hunger makes us eat large portions. Fats and carbohydrates do not have time to digest and are accumulate under the skin.

3. Lack of information, unwillingness to delve into issues of proper nutrition

Often a person with excess weight simply does not have enough knowledge in the field of a healthy lifestyle. No action is taken and overweight leads to obesity.

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