Medicines for cholesterol control

Medicines for cholesterol control

Before we tell you which Mexico pharmacy drugs you can buy to reduce cholesterol, let’s talk about the cholesterol itself.

What is cholesterol?

To better remember what cholesterol is, let us cite a few facts about this substance:

• cholesterol by chemical structure is a natural fatty alcohol;

• formed by the body in an amount of 80% and only 20% (!) comes from food;

• is formed in the liver;

• in the body, the level of cholesterol increases only from products of animal origin, plants do not produce cholesterol;

• is a raw material for the production of hormones;

• building material for all cells in the body.

If it is a building material, why are medicines for cholesterol control so popular?


“Bad” and “good” cholesterol

Cholesterol is divided into “bad” and “good”.

maxresdefault Lipoproteins of low density, penetrating into the   cell, are oxidized and transformed into an   unstable molecule, which is fixed on the walls   of the artery, forming a plaque. Meet this “bad”   cholesterol. It is this species that must be   reduced by medicine for cholesterol control.
High density lipoproteins “absorb” excess “bad”   cholesterol and release it in the liver. This is   “good” cholesterol.
Mexico pharmacy drugs for controlling cholesterol represent a kind of help to “good” cholesterol, as they reduce LDL.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

It is difficult to diagnose an increased level of cholesterol independently, because the symptoms can be ambiguous:

• pain in the thoracic region;

• pain in the legs;

• deposits under the skin of pink-yellow color.

Many take these symptoms exactly as a sign of increased cholesterol and decide to buy medicine online without prescription. However, to make sure on 100%, we recommend taking a blood test for cholesterol.

How to lower cholesterol

So, if you have found high cholesterol in your body, then you should take measures to reduce it:

  1. If the LDL level is overestimated by no more than 20% of the norm, then the change in the diet will help to bring the indicators back to normal.
  2. In the event that the level of LDL exceeds the norm by more than 20%, you can not do without auxiliary means.

The norm of cholesterol is 5.5 mmol / l.
Mexico pharmacy drugs to reduce cholesterol will be an excellent adjunct to diet and exercise.
What foods should I use to reduce LDL levels:

• Greens (parsley, dill, salad, celery, spinach);

• Only vegetable oils (sesame, olive, linseed, vegetable);

• Fruits (apples, oranges);

• Berries (any);

• Vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, carrots);

• Whole grains (oats, buckwheat kernels, uncooked rice);

• Whole grain bread, wholemeal bread.



You should not eat or reduce to a minimum: sub products, fat meat (duck, pork, lamb), eggs, any cheeses, sour cream (more than 15% fat content), butter, ice cream, smoked products.
In our pharmacy you can buy medicine online without prescription, saving up to 75% of the funds. We offer branded medicines to control cholesterol at reduced prices – much lower than what your local pharmacy can offer. All drugs to reduce cholesterol are listed in the section Cholesterol.

We wish you good health!

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