What is Bedoyecta Injection?

What is Bedoyecta Injection?

Bedoyecta Tri is a multivitamin used to prevent and treat avitaminosis. It contains synthetic vitamin B12, which supports many functions of the human body.


The Bedoyecta injection contains 100 mg of thiamine, 50 mg of pyridoxine, and 10 mg of cyanocobalamin. It is presented in boxes of 5 vials, each containing 2 ml of the drug.

Benefits of Bedoyecta Shot

Vitamin B12 is an important water-soluble vitamin that plays a role in many body functions, including:

– DNA production

– red blood cells

– nerve cells

Without vitamin B12, a person may begin to feel tired and weak because of megaloblastic anemia.

Vitamin B12 injections are the oldest and most researched form of vitamin B12 supplementation. Just a few years ago, almost all forms of vitamin B12 deficiency were treated with vitamin B12 injections, and they are still very important today.

Since the majority of all diseases associated with B12 deficiency are associated with some form of malabsorption, vitamin B12 injections are a reliable way to ensure that an important vitamin is available: the active ingredient from vitamin B12 ampoules is injected directly into the muscle and thus into the bloodstream, bypassing the unsafe route through the digestive tract.

Vitamin B12 injections, especially after a prolonged deficiency, are a good way to quickly replenish the body’s supply and break the cycle of deficiency. This is why injections are often the drug of choice for initial therapy.

Do you need a prescription for b12 injections?

Bedoyecta injections are available only with a prescription after consultation with your doctor.

Where to buy bedoyecta injections?

You can buy b12 injections at online and offline pharmacies, sometimes in some Mexican supermarkets. In our online pharmacy, you can buy b12 injections online at a favorable price.

What are Bedoyecta Tri injections used for?

Bedoyecta injection is recommended for use in patients with diabetes, pregnancy, lactation, alcoholism, stress, or intense physical activity. The drug may also be used to increase energy, in the treatment of neuralgia and peripheral neuropathies, as well as if the patient has the following conditions

– Facial paralysis, torticollis, and alcoholic beriberi

– Low back pain, muscle cramps, sciatica, and myalgia

– Post-therapy neuralgia and Wernicke’s encephalopathy

Bedoyecta Inyectable: Dosis

Bedoyecta injection┬áis already dosed. One ampoule is for one injection. Bedoyecta Tri Injectable doses are usually given once or twice a week intramuscularly. If necessary, it may be given once every one or two days. The amount of administration per week should be coordinated with your doctor according to your body’s need for vitamin B12.

Bedoyecta Tri injection: Instructions

It is recommended that the intramuscular injection be given by a healthcare professional. If you cannot get a qualified healthcare professional to do this, here are instructions on how to do it yourself.

How to give yourself a b12 injection?

  1. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and prepare everything you need for the injection (alcohol wipes or cotton swabs with alcohol, a prefilled B12 syringe, and the needle that comes with it).
  2. Wipe the area of the skin with the alcohol wipe where you plan to inject. Location of vitamin B12 injection – the drug is injected intramuscularly into the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle or placed in the anterior surface of the middle third of the thigh.
  3. Open only the tip of the needle with the plastic connector on it.
  4. Open the pre-filled B12 syringe and remove the small rubber cap.
  5. Attach the needle to the plastic sleeve of the B12 injectable, twist, and push it in, pushing lightly so that it does not break off during injection.
  6. Remove the gray long cap from the needle, lift the syringe and decant a tiny drop of B12 to remove the air.
  7. Use the thumb and index finger of your free hand to hold the skin at the injection site.
  8. Then hold the pre-filled B12 syringe firmly and insert the needle into the skin at a 90-degree angle so that it is intramuscular.
  9. Slowly and gently press the plunger to place the B12 medicine inside.
  10. Keep the syringe under control, and when it is empty, gently pull it out.
  11. After removing the needle from the skin, wipe the puncture point again with alcohol and apply pressure, then seal the puncture point with a Band-Aid.

How often does Bedoyecta have to be injected?

Injections of the medication are administered strictly on the doctor’s recommendation, in each case individually. According to the general recommendations, it is recommended to use the drug once or twice a week, with 1 injection per week.

How long for b12 injections to start working?

Because the injections are given intramuscularly instead of going through the digestive tract, the drug enters the bloodstream much faster and begins to work almost immediately. The positive effect can be noticed 24-72 hours after the first injection.

Bedoyecta Injections: Side Effects

Bedoyecta Injectable does not cause side effects. However, if you inject a higher dose than recommended, the following may occur: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, or hypersensitivity reactions on the skin at the injection site.

These symptoms disappear when you stop treatment, but if they worsen or persist, see your doctor.


Specialists indicate that the drug should not be used if you have true polycythemia or ulcers, elevated potassium levels, gout, or kidney disease.

The pediatric form should not be used if you have hepatic insufficiency or hereditary optic atrophy.

Allergies or hypersensitivity. Do not use it if you are allergic to the drug or any of the ingredients. The solution for injection contains benzene alcohol, so it should not be used by children.

Alcohol removes these vitamins from the body, so it should not be taken orally during treatment.

The drug can be taken during pregnancy and lactation, but always under the supervision of a doctor.


Do not combine with Isoniazid, Phenytoin, Phenobarbital, Cycloserine, Penicillamine, Hydralazine, Chloramphenicol, Colchicine, Digoxin, oral contraceptives, or other drugs. Bedoyecta should not be taken with Warfarin. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking Bedoyecta.

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